Why personality assessments are worth taking seriously

Buzz off Buzzfeed, there’s an expert in town!

We all enjoy taking a few fun online quizzes, but when it comes to discovering our true selves, shouldn’t we take things a bit more seriously? Instead of finding out which breakfast food you are or what Harry Potter character you look like, why not focus on revealing the real you…

We can’t tell you where you will find love based on the cupcake you choose (an actual BuzzFeed quiz by the way), because we don’t base our results on whim. Our process is based on scientific, honest, tried-and-tested methodology supplied by renowned experts with decades of experience. Inomee provides a high-level psychometric assessment, allowing you to look further than just skin-deep.

We combine computer adaptive testing, global norming, and real-world testing to give precise, in-depth personality analysis, so you can truly understand you.

What’s ‘global norming’? It’s got nothing to do with climate change. It’s the term we use to refer to the standards of appropriate or expected behaviour that enable people to flourish.

We’re serious about science. We’ve devoted our lives to psychometric assessment, personality testing and working with people to help them achieve their career goals. That’s why so many Inomee members are enjoying our guidance services after taking the initial test. It’s one thing to discover who you are and the components of your character, but it’s unbelievably powerful to get an expert to help you harness this data into actionable strategies.

We’ll invest our time and expertise into you so you can achieve your professional dreams and climb that ladder. But it takes two to tango – our biggest success stories come from Inomee members who really prioritise their personal development.

We understand there are cheaper personality tests out there, but aren’t you worth a small investment?

There are no vague, wishy-washy answers here!

At Inomee, we use the crowned DiSC model, an essential personality profiling tool created by over 40 years of research and 200 years of publishing experience. This means that after you take our test, we will use our DiSC model to give you a carefully crafted 25+ page document which reveals some interesting analysis about you.

It’s worth noting that no free online tests use the authentic, scientific DiSC model, so it truly is worth spending a little to gain a lot.

Knowhow 90

What is Knowhow 90?

90 minutes of personalised guidance with our experts, helping you put together an action plan full of practical strategies. Nobody achieves greatness by themselves, there’s always a coach on the sidelines or a mentor in the background.

It’s time to meet yours so you can start tackling your challenges, and become the best ‘you’ in the workplace.


Agile EQ Experience includes:

Your EQ Strengths – You will learn:

  • EQ strengths or mindsets that guide your interactions
  • Benefits and challenges associated with your mindsets
  • Ways your mindsets influence your responses

Beyond Your Comfort Zone – You will learn:

  • EQ mindsets outside your comfort zone
  • Benefits of stretching to these mindsets
  • Effort required to stretch to these mindsets
  • Map of all 8 mindsets and their characteristics

Develop Your EQ – You will learn:

  • Steps to stretch to EQ mindsets outside of your comfort zone – beginner step, intermediate step and advance step.
  • Internal resistance you may need to overcome to stretch

Personalised Style Index – You will learn:

  • Overview of all 12 existing styles

Action Planning – You will learn:

  • Putting the learning into motion in three simple steps

Everything DiSC®

DiSC® Experience 25+ page document (assessment results) includes:

Your DiSC® Style – You will learn:

  • The basics of the DiSC model
  • Your DiSC style
  • What your style says about you

Your Drivers – You will learn:

  • Your workplace priorities
  • Your workplace motivators
  • Your workplace stressors
  • Strategies to be more effective at workplace

You and Other Styles– You will learn:

  • The workplace priorities of other styles
  • How well you might relate to those priorities
  • Your similarities and differences

Build Better Relationships– You will learn:

  • How to be more effective with each DiSC style
  • How to solve problems when working with each
  • DiSC style
  • How to manage tension with each DiSC style

Personalised Style Index – You will learn:

  • Overview of all 12 existing styles

Action Planning – You will learn:

  • Putting the learning into motion in three simple steps