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Your personalised guide through professional life

For professionals who want to get ahead and understand people better, we offer a premium, in-depth psychometric analysis. This is followed by ongoing, personalised guidance so that you can apply your newfound knowledge to succeed in your career and life.

The testing phase is like a mirror, examining your personality in the truest light. Then, it’s the application of this knowledge – you can think of this as a map for your career, giving you the personalised steps and guidance to successfully navigate your professional life.

Wherever you want to go with your career, take Inomee with you for a smoother journey.

Hello, I'm Jan!

My career path has taken me to the very top of the corporate world, but it’s been far from simple. That’s why I decided to co-found Inomee.

Without any proper guidance, my only choice was to keep trying different strategies to initially progress my career – this meant a whole lot of trial and error! On my way up, I often noticed how people who were less ambitious than me were promoted, while (due to my lack of advice) my progress seemed frustratingly slow.

Over 18 years, I slowly climbed my way up the professional ladder to director level. But the lack of support I had throughout my journey really stuck with me, and soon my career plan had a sudden change of direction. I wanted to help other people progress in their careers and stop them from making the same mistakes that I did.

And now, I am so excited to finally share Inomee with you! I couldn’t be more confident that our psychometric test (powered by the world-class Wiley) is the best way to reach your career aspirations and achieve your full potential, without wasting time.

If you’re ready to meet the real you, and then become a better you – Inomee is waiting!

Hello, I'm Matt!

Similarly to Jan, I have spent my career working for big corporations.

During this time, I found my naturally ambitious personality being held back, often feeling trapped in a box. I was being forced to fit into a mould that was prepared by the company, and even societal norms – in all honesty, I began to lose myself.

That was until I moved to London with Jan. We bought our own place, welcomed our four-legged friend Jasper into our lives and finally started living to the fullest. Together we lovingly built Inomee to support those who have also lost themselves in the challenging professional world.

I wish I had been able to use Inomee when I needed it most, but now it is ready to help others hold up a mirror to their true selves, advance their personal development and find their ideal path.

I am happy to say “I know me”, and now you can too.

Knowhow 90

What is Knowhow 90?

90 minutes of personalised guidance with our experts, helping you put together an action plan full of practical strategies. Nobody achieves greatness by themselves, there’s always a coach on the sidelines or a mentor in the background.

It’s time to meet yours so you can start tackling your challenges, and become the best ‘you’ in the workplace.


Agile EQ Experience includes:

Your EQ Strengths – You will learn:

  • EQ strengths or mindsets that guide your interactions
  • Benefits and challenges associated with your mindsets
  • Ways your mindsets influence your responses

Beyond Your Comfort Zone – You will learn:

  • EQ mindsets outside your comfort zone
  • Benefits of stretching to these mindsets
  • Effort required to stretch to these mindsets
  • Map of all 8 mindsets and their characteristics

Develop Your EQ – You will learn:

  • Steps to stretch to EQ mindsets outside of your comfort zone – beginner step, intermediate step and advance step.
  • Internal resistance you may need to overcome to stretch

Personalised Style Index – You will learn:

  • Overview of all 12 existing styles

Action Planning – You will learn:

  • Putting the learning into motion in three simple steps

Everything DiSC®

DiSC® Experience 25+ page document (assessment results) includes:

Your DiSC® Style – You will learn:

  • The basics of the DiSC model
  • Your DiSC style
  • What your style says about you

Your Drivers – You will learn:

  • Your workplace priorities
  • Your workplace motivators
  • Your workplace stressors
  • Strategies to be more effective at workplace

You and Other Styles– You will learn:

  • The workplace priorities of other styles
  • How well you might relate to those priorities
  • Your similarities and differences

Build Better Relationships– You will learn:

  • How to be more effective with each DiSC style
  • How to solve problems when working with each
  • DiSC style
  • How to manage tension with each DiSC style

Personalised Style Index – You will learn:

  • Overview of all 12 existing styles

Action Planning – You will learn:

  • Putting the learning into motion in three simple steps